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Fresh Start


2021, here we are, we made it, we survived 2020.

Personally, 2020 was a pretty crumby year for me overall, but, I am here to say, 2021 won’t just magically be better. It will take effort. My husband and I sat down last night and wrote out our goals for the year. Previous years I have thought about a couple resolutions in my head, but never have taken the time to write them down and plan out HOW I will achieve them. I read a statistic that said 41% of Americans make New Years Resolutions but only 9.2% actually keep them. That is an astounding low number. Joe and I both agreed that we may be in over our heads with the amount of goals we have this year, but I am proud that we do want to better ourselves, and that we have taken time to brainstorm the best ways to go about each goal.

Joe asked me a few days ago “are you a better person right now than you were at the beginning of 2020?

WOW! What a question. That question took thought. I left the conversation realizing that I never want to end a year without growth. So my question to you is “What growing did you personally do in 2020?” If you don’t feel like you have an answer, then I encourage you to WRITE DOWN what changes you want to make this year.

I also think it is important to look back on 2020 and reflect on all the good that came from it. You may have grown more than you realize..

Here are some things I am thankful for from 2020

1.My best friend Kristen and her husband visited us in Iowa in January

2.My niece Harper was born in February

3.I received my barre instructor certification in February

4.I got extra time around the house due to my workplace being closed in March

5.Due to my husband being furloughed late March we were able to start on our basement and we finished it in September

6.Joe and I were able to visit my family in Arkansas in April

7.May 1 Holland House opened back up and I was able to return to work

8.Late May my mom dad and little brother made a trip to Orange City

9.In July Joe and I celebrated his birthday in Kansas City and then drove to Arkansas for a few days and then went to the beach with my family

10.Late July my nana and papa visited us

11.We started of August with a trip to Okoboji with Joe’s family

12. August 22 Maverick turned two

13. I ended August with a trip to AR. I got to stop in Fayetteville and spend time with my brothers, SIL, and niece Haper and then went to Benton for a gender reveal for my best friend, Neila! It’s a GIRL!

14.September 1, 2020 we celebrated our TWO YEAR anniversary. We stayed home and enjoyed each other

15.We started off October with another trip to Fayetteville to see my family

16.I launched Naturally Sweet T1D in November 1!!!

17.My bff Emily and her husband visited us early November

18.Late November my parents and little brother came to OC. We got to celebrate Thanksgiving early with them and then got to celebrate Thanksgiving again with Joe’s fam


-Our niece Josey turned 1

-We had the 3rd annual Vander Stelt Cmas Extravaganza with our Iowa friends

-I celebrated my TEN YEAR DIAVERSARY

-We spent two whole weeks in Arkansas for Christmas and I got to love on all my people

Maybe 2020 wasn’t so crumby after all :)

When you can find the good out of crumby situations you can live a much more positive and happy life.

Here’s to 2021. I am hoping to make this year my best year yet…full of love, growth, self development, and falling deeper in love with the Lord with each passing day.

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