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Active Wear

Updated: Nov 3, 2020

If I haven't said it yet, I am a self diagnosed shop-a-holic. Part of my job is buying clothes for a local boutique! It's SO MUCH FUN! I also run the social media! Give us a follow! @shophollandhouse.

Active Wear is in my top favorite things to wear. When I like my leggings and sports bra I am a LOTTT more likely to want to go to the gym! The active wear we carry at Holland House is so great. The price point can't be beat + it's actually very great quality, I never have issues with my leggings sagging while I run which is very important to me. Here are a few of my new favorite pieces we just got in!

I absolutely love the prints and patterns on these two sets!

The fist set even has a matching jacket

In the leggings I wear a small. Bra I wear a medium. Jacket I wear a small.

The second set is adorable too. The leggings could even be paired with a sweater and booties to dress it up! I am wearing a small in the leggings and small in the bra.

These are just a couple of my favs but theres tons more!! Be sure to check it out!!

use discount code: BEKAH20 for 20% off your purchase

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