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New Year, New Insurance, New Struggles

Sometimes having Type One Diabetes SUCKS…okay most of the time it sucks, but every now and then it REALLY SUCKS. This blog post isn’t a pretty picture, it isn’t inspirational, and it isn’t fun. But it’s real life.

The past month has been chaos. I had always been on my parents insurance, but at the beginning of this year I had to switch to my husbands insurance because I turn 26 this year. (YAY. A REAL ADULT. HA) Only kidding, adulting is for the birds.

As most of you would agree I am sure, insurance can be a pain in the butt. With all of the mishaps when trying to switch over to my husbands insurance I wasn’t able to order any supplies all of January. It just seemed like NOTHING was going right. We were in daily communication with a lady who was basically a liaison for our new insurance and to no fault of hers, we have had the worst time getting my supplies. From daily communication with her to practically harassing the doctors office, we were in need of preauthorization and there was just lots of miscommunication.

I wish everyone understood how important our supplies are…like literally life or death. It is URGENT. My husband and I reminded them multiple times how urgent it was. Also, adding to the urgency, I will be out of town the majority of the week next week for work…I NEED MY SUPPLIES.

They let me know they could ship them to the hotel I will be at, but I just didn’t feel comfortable having these necessities shipped to a random hotel in Orlando. LET ME TELL YOU THESE WERE NOT CHEAP. Prices have already drastically raised for my supplies already this year. Supplies I can’t live without. And on top of the already outrageous prices, we had to pay to have them overnighted due to me leaving the state.

Well PRAISE THE LORD THEY FINALLY ARRIVED. I realize that the Dexcom isn’t really life or death but if you could see what a difference that little gadget makes in my every day life you would be astounded. I have never been so thankful to stick a needle in my tummy!!!!!!!!! Between work, and exercising, and counting carbs, and teaching barre classes, I neeeeeeed my Dexcom. I really don’t even understand how some of you “take breaks” from Dex. lol

He's my main man ya know!?!?! heheh I can literally look at my phone or apple watch ANY time I want and know exactly what my blood sugar is ANDDDD which way its headed.

I went to barre class last night and my blood sugar was 132 when I pricked my finger. Great! Thats awesome! BUT which way is it headed???? Up? Down? Staying straight??? Without my Dexcom I don’t have a clue. Without my Dexcom I don’t always know if my blood sugar is dangerously low. The Dexcom SAVES LIVES!! In the middle of the night it alerts me anytime I am too low or too high when I might not otherwise wake up. In the middle of a workout if my blood sugar is quickly trending down it alerts me so I am aware. I am just SO THANKFUL to have my Dexcom back on my body. Thank you Dexcom for designing devices that make diabetes easier. I use to swear I would never attach any medical device to my body. Clearly I have outgrown that!!! Last week not having it on me literally was giving me anxiety! I sure wish these were not things I had to worry about as a 25 year old but this is my life and I refuse to let it keep me down.

If any of you T1D's aren't on a Dexcom I highly recommend giving it a try!!!!!!

It's even Nick Jonas approved ;)

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