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Sugar Linings

Updated: Oct 31, 2020


Right when I decided I wanted to launch a blog/website about diabetes, I began looking for pictures of me when I was diagnosed December of 2015....to my disappointment there was NOTHING TO BE FOUND. I called my mom and a few of my friends wondering if they had pictures and they all had the same response..."you were embarrassed, you wouldn't let anyone take pictures".

From 2010-2015 there is no trace of me as a T1D. This is why I want to share my story.

"Be yourself even when it's difficult & love yourself medical devices and all". This is a quote by one of my favorite type one diabetics. If you don't know Sierra Sandison; she is a fellow T1D who walked the Miss America stage wearing her insulin pump and shortly after #showmeyourpump started trending. This is the very first time I felt comfortable in my own skin-Seeing a beauty queen walk on the stage in front of millions of people rocking her insulin pump!!!!!!!!!

For Christmas, right after my 5th Diaversarry, my parents got me Sierra's book "Sugar Linings. Finding the Bright Side of Diabetes". It was so encouraging, I literally couldn't put the book down! I tweeted Sierra a picture of me with the book and thanked her for being an inspiration. I finally posted a picture on instagram showing off my OmniPod.

Here I am getting ready to celebrate my TEN YEAR DIAVERSARRY December 14, 2020 and I am SO thankful for the growth I have made the last decade. Because of women like Sierra Sandison people like me can learn to be comfortable in our own skin. I highly encourage you, if you're a T1D, or have any other illness to let people see the true you. Don't wear a mask. (figuratively :P)

Awareness is SO important. You might just impact someones life the way Sierra impacted mine.

Here I am 10 years later launching a blog about diabetes. I definitely would never have imagined this -but I am so grateful for all of you following a long.

In celebration of my blog launching I have teamed up with.....

.......drum roll please......

the very own Sierra Sandison herself for a giveaway!!

We will be giving away

A Naturally Sweet T1D t-shirt...(JUST LAUNCHED)

A Sugar Linings book

1 hour zoom call with Sierra Sandison

To enter go to my Instagram

  1. like the latest post

  2. follow Sierra and I

  3. BONUS: share to your story and tag us

I can't believe the day has come! My blog is launched and here you are reading it. I want to let you know how much I appreciate YOU. I hope you find this a safe place full of motivation and encouragement. Don't ever hesitate to reach out to me!! LOVE YOU ALL


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