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T1D Holiday Gift Guide

Updated: Nov 25, 2020

Type One Diabetics..We are just like everyone else...just with a faulty pancreas..but there are some things that can make living life with Type One Diabetes a little more easy/a little more FUN!

I have put together a list of some items you might like to purchase this holiday season for that naturally sweet person in your life :)


These come in ALL styles and ALL colors! Whether you just want a tinny little zip pouch to carry around, a cute little backback, or a large duffle bag, Myabetic has got you covered. I went almost 9 years with the same blood stained pouch my dad bought me when I was first diagnosed in 2010, which is so sweet BUT the Myabetic bags are meant specifically for diabetes. If you aren't sure what style of bag you want, you can even take a little quiz to see what style of bag works best with your lifestyle! They also offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $25

2. Expression Med Tapes

If your Type One Diabetic wears anytime of CGM or an OmniPod these are must haves! Keeping a senor stuck on your skin for 10 days is quite the challenge so why not make it easier?! These little tapes are life savors! Like the Myabetic Bags there are so many styles for all ages and all genders. If your person doesn't like to have bright colors and draw attention to their site, there are also skin color tapes! These are great stocking stuffers!

3. Informative Books On Type 1 Diabetes

Personally, reading and learning more about T1D has only pushed me to be a better T1D. I am currently reading Think Like a Pancreas and I don't know a better book for learning about your body and blood sugars and why things are the way they are. This book would even be a great gift for a parent of a T1D or a spouse of a T1D.

Another great book to gift would be Sugar Linings by Sierra Sandison. This book was a great read for me after shortly being diagnosed with T1D. It's the story of a pageant queen who also lives with T1D.

4. Cute Active wear that gives back to T1D

I have just recently discovered Sienta and have to say it might be my very favorite active wear. They have a large variety of leggings, shorts, tanks, pullovers, and accessories. All of there styles have pockets where you can easily store your diabetes pens and pumps. They brand their pieces with models who have T1D. You can use my referral code for 10% off of your order.

5. Beaded Bracelets as Medical Bracelets

All November long, The Beaded Bracelet is giving a portion of proceeds of the blue bracelets sold to Type One International. These bracelets can also be purchased with words on them. This would be a great stocking stuffer. You could also use it as a medical ID bracelet and have it say "Type One", "T1D", "Diabetics", ect.

6. Diabetes Log Journal

Being a T1D and keeping track of carbs, and blood sugars, and exercise, ect can be a lottttt to deal with. Especially when wanting to log this so that you can look at trends. This Diabetes Log Journal is the best one I have found. DHJ users have lowered A1C on average by .5%

7. Cute Diabetes Merch!!!!!

As weird as it may sound, I have recently found a love for showing off my T1D. It keeps me accountable and it has allowed me to become more confident in who I am. Here are several items that I love that show off T1D.

Finger Prick Chicks Tee

Naturally Sweet Merch

Diabetes Lokai

Diabetty and Diasauras (the perfect gift for children with T1D)

8. Food that doesn't kill the blood sugars

Listed below are a few of my favs! These would be great stocking stuffers or even gift cards to these places

RXSugar alllllll products code BEKAH20 for 20% off

OuterAisle love the bagel thins Referral Code

Bougie Bakes Double Chocolate is my fav

Keto Coffee

I hope this list is helpful! Happy Holidays to all you lovely people


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