• Bekah Vander Stelt

Thankful Through the Highs and Lows

The last few weeks I feel like I’ve been on cloud 9 with my diabetes. I haven’t been perfect by any means and I definitely am not where I want to be, but I’ve made leaps and bounds of progress. I went from almost 9 3/4 years of just getting by with my diabetes to finally wanting to take control. Since my diagnosis, my A1Cs have ranged from 7.2-9.4. 3 months ago my A1C was 8.1 and 2 weeks ago it had dropped to a whopping 7.2. I know a lot of you might be thinking 7.2?!!? Really?!? Your goal should be in the low 6s. And you’re right. Lord willing I will have a family someday, at that time my goal is to be at a “non diabetic” range. But, for now, baby steps. Like I mentioned, I had just been getting by. I went from that mentality to finally wanting to take control of my body. To no longer worrying what others think of me. Endocrinologists are fantastic. I highly recommend going to one every 3 months. But if every 3 months Is the only time you’re really focused on your blood sugars, then you’re missing the mark. You know your body more than anyone else. It’s time to take your T1D into your own hands. Study it. Figure out trends. Look for the patterns of the highs and lows.

The last several weeks I have been logging EVERYTHINGGG. Yes. It gets annoying but for me, it’s been a game changer. It’s the reason my A1C dropped so drastically in such a short time. It’s the reason I have felt on cloud 9. I have been so excited to finally feel like I’ve started to “figure things out”. But just when that happened, I let my joy get stripped away as quickly as it came.

Yesterday SUUUCKED for me as far as diabetes goes. I woke up with 171 blood sugar-quite a bit higher than I’d like, but I worked out and took some insulin and didn’t think much of it. Well throughout the day it just wasn’t going down. I’m talking by 5pm I had already taken 4 correction blouses and put a new pod on when it wasn’t even time for a site change. I decided to put the new pod on my leg well just shortly after, like maybe 2 hours, I knocked the new pod off when changing my pants. Anyone else do this?! I was sooooo annoyed. My blood sugar was still over 270 and I had to teach a night barre class. After class my blood sugar was 38. Yep. You read that right. I had gone from 250-330 alllll day to 38. As soon as I got home I stuuuufffed my face with all the carbs. Shortly after spiking again to 200s. It was just a crumby day for me.

As soon as I felt like I was conquering diabetes I have a full day of high blood sugars and go through THREE pods in less than 24 hours. I was honesty just pissed and feeling defeated. I cried and even threw an omnipod on the floor. Embarrassing right?!? Lolol

I say all of this to say that diabetes is a 24/7 job. You never have it fully figured out. Your body is constantly changing. But despite all of the highs and lows we should find reasons to be thankful. Just like diabetes is a 24/7 job-meaning ALL THE TIME. The Lord tells us to to be thankful in all situations. Meaning ALL THE TIME. Even when we have hard days. Even when a loved one passes away. Even when we fail the test. Even when tragedy strikes. Even when you have Type One Diabetes and your blood sugars are out of control. In those moments I’m striving to remind myself to give thanks to the Lord. To be thankful for the people he has placed in my life to push me, to encourage me, to motivate me to take care of myself. To thank him for the endocrinologists and the knowledge they provide me with to make life with T1D easier. To thank him for allowing me to have access to all my diabetic supplies. And to thank him for putting the breath in my lungs for another day. I know life can be hard. It can feel like it’s too much and you just want to give up. But I want to encourage you and myself today to ALWAYS find reasons to be thankful.

I wish you and your family the happiest of Thanksgivings. Hug your loved ones and count your carbs ;)


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